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Why use EES?

EES is a service you can use as and when applicable to your needs, we are very flexible but like to offer a service which is an extension of your own estimating department.  Hiring a full time estimator can be costly and the same can be said with agency labour. We are the cost effective alternative

I’ve used estimating agencies before and was charged heavily. How is EES different?

We operate a transparent billing procedure so there are no surprises.  Our rates are very competitive, please see Fees.

How flexible is EES to our requirements?

At EES we are extremely flexible, we can present the information in any format you require and will integrate with your existing estimating processes.

How can we be sure you’re not pricing the same estimate for my competitor?

For professional reasons we will only accept an estimating project off one client and once we accept an instruction and an agreement is in place we will work solely for that client.

Building a trusting working relationship is very important to EES and the upmost discretion is maintained at all times.

How can we be sure your prices & discounts are up-to date?

Our software is updated weekly by Amtech Group. We maintain our data base monthly to make sure pricing structures and discounts have not changed.





"EES provided us with an excellent, individual service. Nothing was out of the way for John and his team who were willing to go above and beyond which is rare in today's market. From start to finish our experience with EES was smooth, professional and accurate. The attention to detail was impeccable. Using high end software the final product was neatly presented and easy to understand. Would highly recommend, very satisfied..."

- T Hussey - Projects Director